Today Nic’s back on the animal videos. He told me that he’s trying to find pairs of animals to build around. For example, crossing a misquito with a wasp (EEEEK! I say!!!) and then building that out of zoobs.
He explained to me that he wants to look at any given animal’s adaptation and discover where its weaknesses are and then find a complementary animal to ‘cross’ it with and fix those weak areas to make it a stronger, more well-adapted organism. Totally cool!

Theo has been getting more and more interested in language. As a newly turned 4 year old we see him sight reading all the time. He knows the alphabet, in any order and each letter individually. He also knows the sounds associated with more than half the letters, I think. We sat together and created words with an alphabet puzzle today. He has a very firm grasp of all of it and will, I believe, be a natural reader eventually.
As soon as his interest in the puzzle waned, he wanted to watch the ‘Ernie counting video’ from the library.

Hot, hot days require that we stay inside more than usual, so I’m trying to make sure that their little minds are stimulated even if their bodies aren’t exercised as much…