A deep quiet washed over our home today.

I cannot remember a more peaceful afternoon and it was spiritually renewing.

Whinnie was asleep on my chest, Theo was asleep, for a while on the couch across the room, and then later across my legs on the loveseat. There was no noise beyond their sweet-baby-sleep-breathing, the turning of the pages of my book, and the sounds of Nic’s imagination.

Normally my afternoons are full of the busyness of 3 children’s needs and my attempt to keep up (LOL!) with the housekeeping.

Today, knowing that all their tummies were full of yummy, healthy made-from-scratch muffins, I sat at the far end of the living room to read a few pages of a book. Nic was exploring wildlife videos online, Theo was building with blocks and matchbox cars, Whingari was playfully dismantling whatever Theo built.

After a while, Theo asked to watch Schoolhouse Rock and eventually fell asleep on the couch. Whingari crawled across the room, hiked herself up into my lap and nursed to sleep. Nic decided to build with Zoobs and take a break from wildlife videos.

For over an hour, time just stood still.

What is the best thing to do when you have a child with a wonderful, vibrant, energetic and unyielding curiosity? Get out of the way…

I only talked to Nic when he asked a question or wanted attention. I reminded myself not to intrude on this magical world of his imagination and only entered into it upon invitation.

As I was watching him I was reading essays in a book called “Real-Life Homeschooling,” and feeling a deep kinship with the ‘unschooling‘ families chronicled there.

I love that in the last week Nic has put in so many more hours to learning (because he followed his passions) than he would have if I had tried to force any particular activity or agenda upon him.

A deep peacefulness has invaded my soul today, and it’s because my children love learning (at least on their own terms…)