I completely forgot the other project that Nic’s working on.
He has decided that he wishes to make a stop-motion animation movie of his zoob creatures.
We talked for a while about how these kinds of movies are made; animation, cgi, stop-motion, etc.

So, he’s working on a storyboard for his movie. I did a google search on ‘storyboards’ to show him what they were, how they were used, and to show him that ‘real’ movie makers utilize them in their job.

Along the way we found several storyboard templates. So I printed out one that had space for 6 pictures per page and he got to work.

I know that people have been homeschooling forever…but I really don’t wish to go back to homeschooling in the pre-internet days. Although we have a fantastic library at our disposal, it’s so great to be able to teach Nic to utilize the internet to do so much of his research.

So, today, it’s more zoo tycoon, some storyboarding, reading with the wee ones and possibly a trip to the library to pick up a long-sought-after computer game (Oregon Trail) which is all about preparing for and taking a trip ‘out west’ in the days of the covered wagons.

I am soooooo blessed to have these long days with my children. If I sent Nic next door to school (which started this morning…big yellow buses and all) I’d miss the best parts of the day and his imagination.

Oh, and Theo would be missing his best friend.

Favorie quote du-jour:
“Socialization? That’s what I got trouble for in school.” LOL!