Well, Oregon Trail, the aforementioned, and deeply desired, computer game from the library just will not load on our computer. We’ve encountered this time and again. Our ‘old’ computer is too slow for many of the newer titles (it’s more than 9 years old, practically an electronic-dinosaur) and our ‘new’ computer is fast enough, but runs on Vista. Many of the programs just aren’t compatible with the new operating system.

But it did spur interest in the westward migration. While at the library to retrieve the computer game, we got a book about Conestoga Wagons (in the history of transportation area of the library) and 3 dvds about pioneer life and the trip west. Nic watched each of them with me eagerly. He kept saying, “I might need to know that for the game.” And then it didn’t work.

But, we did see that there is a board game version of Oregon Trail and I hope to find it.

So it’s probably back to Zoo Tycoon today for Nic. Though he did get a new ‘contraptions’ title at the library as well. Nic is especially good at these. He loves the games which allow him to build a huge variety of contraptions on the screen and then put them in motion. Some of his creations could vie for the Goldberg Award.

A few doors down from our house lives a family with 3 girls. When we first moved here, I would watch the mother and father walk the girls to and from school everyday. Then last year, it was 2 girls, as the eldest was now bused to the area middle school. This morning I noticed that it’s now 1 girl, middle girl now being middle schooling.

It was a wonderful, sweet, intimate moment. One little girl, looking too small to take on the world on her own, walking with her father. As they walked they chatted. It was surreal for me, seeing them walk along and seeing them converse, but with the windows closed. An intimate moment muted for the rest of the world.

So, today.
Trip to the doctor’s office — for a checkup.
Trip to the grocery store — cause we’re running out of food.

My children are with me, at my side, everyday. I am blessed and I work to be worthy of it everyday.