Both the wee ones were sick for several days since the last post. Just something common cold-ish, nothing major. But it did show me another reason to be grateful that we ‘unschool.’

At first I wondered how we were going to manage with two clingy ‘babies’ and homeschooling. But Nic just did whatever he was interested in — just like other days — and kept right on following his interests and passions.

We got a new title from the library, Jumpstart World 2nd grade. We’ve had great luck with the Jumpstart line over the years…never a technological issue.

If I had told Nic to X time or X lessons on the program, again, he would have done the minimum. But because I didn’t tell him anything at all about it, he’s motivated to explore. He spent hours on it Thursday and Friday, when his brother and sister weren’t feeling well. The math is way easy for him, as he already has been doing long division for some time, and most of what he’s encountered thus far is simple addition and subtraction. But it is giving him more practice with language skills.

He’s now admitting that he can read ‘pretty good,’ instead of constantly saying he ‘can’t read.’ And he’s beginning to see reading as more enjoyable than a chore.


Theo’s beginning to get really interested in doing his own ‘work’ these days. We spent a long, long time last night looking at various websites with fun games for him to show me what he knows. The child has just always seemed to absorb everything effortlessly…