Yesterday we explored art projects.

Nic found a project in one of our books…making t-shirts with fabric crayons, and he really wanted to try it. So we got a pack of the crayons and a shirt for each boy. Nic colored his artwork yesterday & is eager to iron them on the shirt today.

Theo chose a dump truck picture & we’ll color it today. Theo was much more interested in working with clay yesterday — and again right now. Theo is a very tactile guy.

Today we’re planning a library trip…… of my favorite outings every week.

Yesterday we also went to the store. Oh, the school supplies!!! I love anything organizational & I’ve always loved brand new school supplies. My little heart beats for ‘school at home’ sometimes. It’s so neat and organized — all the desks and pencil holders and stacks of workbooks, paper & supplies. My life/home will never look like that.

Unschooling is what I believe in for my children. I love that it protects & nurtures their curiosity & love-of-learning.

So, I just got an accordion folder for myself…that was my ‘fix’ 😉

Coolest recent finds:
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