I’ve loved libraries since I was a preschooler. I loved libraries in all my school years, where I could hide away from the brutes and monsters of the world…including family members.

I found in libraries a place to escape from bad folks and escape to wonderful places, lands, peoples and stories.

Even today, with my 3 lovelies in-tow, I find libraries to be one of the most restorative (no longer restful…) places. We wander the aisles and find the world. We find books, computer games, movies, music, magazines…and sometimes play with friends. And it’s air-conditioned and it’s free. 😉

Then we come home and enjoy the spoils of the visit for the next week.

Today Nic found that I had gotten him two new DVDs at the library.

He loves the educational video section. The ones from the Schlessinger Library are awesome. I found a series called ‘Ancient Civilizations for Children.’ In that collection I found the titlles Ancient Egypt and Ancient Inca. When he saw these this morning he was very excited and immediately popped the Egyptian one in the DVD player. He spent the first 10 minutes of the show telling me what he loved about Ancient Egypt and what he thought was cool and how he thought he could develop better robots for exploring the ancient pyramids without damaging them……..so much so that he had to start the DVD again. 🙂

After that he watched the one on the Inca and wanted to tell me about the differences and similarities between the two civilizations.

Cool stuff.

I spent time this morning browse more internet sites for educational materials.

I hope to organize bunches of it for Nic in his browser so that if he wants to find a specific subject or area: math, egypt, robotics, solar system, language development, etc. he can find it without too much (scary for me) internet searching. In the process I’m finding preschool oriented stuff and saving it for Theo.

So much to explore and so little time to organize it all…