I’ve been thinking about projects for Nic and I to work on together.

One is to make our own board games. He’s deeply interested in the Oregon Trail and Ancient Egypt. I know that there is an old Oregon Trail boardgame, but the only copy I found looks too old to be played with without damaging it. So, why don’t we make our own. Nic is ALWAYS wanting us to play boardgames with him (quite challenging with 2 little ones around). I think he’d get a kick out of making one himself.

Should we make one specific to the westward migration? Maybe we could make it about the whole of the U.S., it’s history and geography. After that maybe we could make another one about world history and geography. (Yeah, I know these already exist…but it seems way more fun — not to mention educational — to make our own versions.)

Another thing I want to start working on is having Nic help me create unit study plans. As he’s studying Ancient Egypt, for example, we can make lists of the books, movies and resources we use. I can file these away for later — since either Theo or Whinnie might find that type of learning fascinating.