Have you read The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff?

Awesome book.

What does it have to do with home/un/family-schooling? Nothing directly, everything indirectly.

I first learned of this book by reading one of John Holt’s books. Each time he mentioned Liedloff’s work, it made me more determined to find and read it.

So I got a copy from the library and consumed it. Back then I was the mother of a high-needs 4 year old and a wonderful baby…both boys.

It was a perfect time to read this book. Though I wished I learned of it before becoming a mother the first time, I was glad that I read it so early in my second son’s life. This helped me to become more aware of the choices I was making, and the paradigm through which I viewed life and parenting.

I think it’s far easier to deal with the developmental changes of an older child if you are very aware of the natural phases babies go through. You can find correlaries to their path, and you can coach yourself from those experiences.

So, here I am again, I have a 4 year old boy and a wonderful baby (a girl this time), as well as my incredible (and still high-needs) 8 year old.

I am again reading The Continuum Concept, and again appreciating the additional perspective I’m getting on all of my children for doing so.

I also find that the more balanced I am feeling within myself, the easier it is to live (and unschool) in ways that I think the Yequana Indians would recognize. Unschooling, in my opinion, takes a certain flow and rhythm (though this may not be orderly or serene at all) to really feel ‘right.’ I guess this means that when I am living within my Continuum of expectations, and when I feel that I am helping to help my children do the same — we are all learning and being and able to live the lives for which our spirits yearn…