That seems to be the passionate question within Nic for the last 2 days.

We have bags of stuff ready to go to the recycling center. Yesterday Nic asked if he could look through them and choose things to build with. I said, “sure,” and then “what are you going to build?” He said that he wasn’t sure, but he was thinking of boat designs and thought that it would be good to use the recycling as his building materials, since it was just going to recycling and that way he wouldn’t be using up good resources. We sometimes do art projects with recycling stuff, so this is not a foreign concept here. It’s great to make something of these things, and then still send them off to be recycled. Feels good to not over-consume.

So last night Nic tried out various designs and materials. When he wanted to know what might sink or float, I encouraged him to experiment…so he did…into the bathtub went Nic and his designs. A short while later, here he came with a very blobby looking lump of grey stuff in his hand. Cardboard egg cartons, it would seem, do not make good boats. 😉 Foam egg cartons, if one is careful about where cuts are made, float very nicely indeed! 🙂

S0 there was a huge mess of creativity on the table at bedtime.

Again this morning, he’s cutting and taping and trying out designs…this time for airplanes. Soda cans and egg carton tops make good LOOKING airplanes, but not aerodynamic ones.

Oh, and even cheap scissors can make quick work of soda can aluminum.

Where does this drive come from? I asked him yesterday where he got the inspiration to build boats (we do not normally have very much of a nautical theme to our lives — Indiana is fairly well land-locked, after all.)
His response was, “my body told me to design boats today.”

Today we were to have friends over to play, but the sniffles that had gotten the wee ones last week, and their papa over the weekend, has now become attracted to me. I do not have a ton of energy, and I certainly don’t wish to pass this contagion on to the beautiful babies my friends would have brought to play.

So we are having a fairly boring day today. Except that it really isn’t. It’s really, really hot outside. But all of these complications are helping the boys to look at their days a little differently.

I have much to do. Bookcases to organize. Items to sew. Books to read (though not out loud with this sore throat of mine…) And yet all I really, really want to do is sit here and watch my beautiful pre-toddler 8 month old daughter explore her world. It’s a good thing that she’s pretty autonomous. There’s much to watch here, and not a lot of time to be center of the universe.