Is there ANYTHING as wonderful as watching children explore a a crystal clear stream? We all went for a nature walk yesterday. The park is smallish, but dense & with a nice stream. There’s a calm & a quiet & we can wander without overdoing it.

Nic & Theo live for one particular place where the path crosses over the stream. There, under a foot bridge, is a wonderful spot where the water is shallow and they can explore.

They build dams, divert water flows, create and investigate tidepools and find shells and fossils aplenty.

Yesterday we watched a bright-white ‘wooly worm’ traverse several rocks in the stream. Nic kept wanting to rescue ‘him’ (how DO you determine the sex of a caterpilar?), but I thought it best to eremind them that we should not interfere. “What if he’s been walking for a week to get to this stream?” I asked. It’s very anthro-centric of us to believe that we know what’s right for a creature, especially when we haven’t taken the time to watch & learn about them & their environment first…

Later the boys & their papa went off to the children’s museum. I heard that they enjoyed a star show & did experiments involving physics. I visited with awesome mama-friends & fed my soul.