Anyone who happens upon this blog will find unrestrained enthusiasm for homeschooling — and proof that I believe it to be the superior choice — for my family.

When I am visiting message boards, I sometimes feel it appropriate to temper my enthusiasm. I don’t wish to come off as judging the choices of other families.

Here, I can let it all loose. I can sing the praises of homeschooling and, particuarly, unschooling with abandon. If the casual reader takes offense, please note that none was intended and that I’m not making sweeping generalizations. I speak to my family, my beliefs and my passions.

What I love about homeschooling: my children!

What I love about unschooling: seeing what they can achieve if I stay out of their way.


Over the weekend Nic really showed-off what a good reader he’s become. Six months ago I would have placed him at about a 1st grade reading level, and struggling. Saturday he read passages from a dinosaur book that would have been at least 4th-5th grade, with ease. Even he was surprised at how easily he read and decoded.

Nic really taught himself to read. I tried many programs and strategies along the way, none of which ‘spoke’ to him. Eventually he stumbled upon phonics tutorials online that he enjoyed. Then he practiced and tried and tried. Now, a mere six-months later, he’s getting to be a proficient reader.


We’re working on re-organizing our small house to better accommodate our family of 5. Decluttering is essential when you have 1300 sq ft of living space! When we purchased this home, we knew it would be a little small for us inside, but thought we could manage, especially since our outside space is grand. We have a huge yard and loads of privacy. Then a few months after closing on the house, we discovered that wee Whingari was soon to join us. So, organizing and decluttering continue.

A really positive part of this (aside from all the stuff we are freecycling, recycling and/or donating to goodwill) is that we’ve decided to make our living room tv-free. We’ve just decided that we don’t need one here in our main public space.

The boys still can watch videos in the kitchen and dvds on this computer…but there’s just no reason to give the tv prime space in this room. This has changed the dynamics of the room and given us more family time.

Later this month, ditch the cable service… We can access most everything we NEED via high-speed cable. So, why pay the cable company to supply our home with a daily dose of junk, commercials and mind-candy.

Though I believe that it is good to let children decide much about their day for themselves. Moving the tv out and ‘strewing’ the house with much that is interesting, intriguing and mind-expanding, makes sense. TV is not prohibited…just diminished in it’s attractiveness…