We had loads going on all week.

Here are the highlights:
– the tv was barely on all week. The boys watched movies occassionally, but rarely all the way through. This was partly due to rearrangements, but partly due to the magnificent weather. When the air is clear and cooler, it’s so easy for the boys to spend the whole day outside.

– Nic is ENJOYING reading. He’s happily reading to me, papa, his little brother, his little sister…well, not little sister, because she only wants to grab books & eat them…:-)

– We hosted the 1st planing meeting for a preschool co-op. It was a good day; full of community & laughter & tears & children playing together. Anyone who frets about whether homeschooled children are socialized-enough… This was true social behavior. Children from babies to age 8 just getting along, playing well & working it out. Our local AP group has been my sanity for years now, and finally I see the potential for true community among the young ones.
The co-op, while potentially loosely montessori-ish and/or waldorf-esque, isn’t so much about academics as it is about building friendships.

– From this co-op comes the potential for even deeper connections. My passion is for creating true communities…tribes. It is my hope that over the weeks & months, as our children explore, play and learn together, we mamas will build stronger connections. I wish for these magnificent women to be treasured Aunts to my children…just as I want to be Auntie Mary to theirs.
What better skills and example can we give our children then how to create and maintain connections?
Along the way I hope they learn to knit, use sign language, bake bread, nurture young ones, stage/direct plays… — and, most importantly, know that they are known & loved by many & have a wide range of trusted people to turn to in times of need.

Our culture is isolated & isolating. Those of us who do not have suportive and/or nearby extended families need to work to create them. Our children can have much larger lives and futures with so many Aunties ushering them through these precious early years…