AM — boys building & watching educational dvds we got from the library. Then played computer games from library.

I made pumpkin muffins & cleaned the house while 9 mo deconstructed the kitchen.

Canceled cable service 🙂


PM — grocery trip.
Older son given scavenger-hunt-esque clues to find things at the natural foods’ store so I could work with younger son.
Both got great reading exercise with labels & signs (8 & 4 years old…)

After groceries put away, another library trip.

Came home, made peanut crisp bars (honey, caramel peanut spread, cinnamon, crisp brown rice cereal, choc chips…yum!)

Researched about Montressori principles while baby played & boys watched even newer educational dvds from ther library.

Made/ate dinner.

Nursed baby while husband mowed & boys created SOMETHING with old phone cable & wooden play structure.

A full & (mostly) unpressured day. I love unschooling.