This morning Nic is outside bright and early testing designs again. Late yesterday he had gotten out some phone cabling (recently cut away from our house since we don’t use a land line and it was just ugly and in the way…) and was trying to see all the things he could do with it. It is a really long piece of cable and has really captured his imagination.

One thing that he and Theo made yesterday (pretty sure Theo just watched, but he insisted that it was his ‘poject’ too!) was a grappling-hook out of some wire. They were trying to see if they could test out its strength in various ways.

Later on I saw that Nic had figured out a way to attach the cable to the 2 ends of the play structure and make a ‘rope bridge’ of sorts that he could walk across while holding on to the monkey bars above his head.

This morning he’s asking for ideas of ways to make stronger grappling hooks, ones that can support his weight. Unless safety is an issue, I’ve learned to not ask too many questions. Requiring that the boys articulate what they are doing seems to pull them too far away from inventing. I theorize that the part of their brains that create and invent and find new connections is NOT the same part of their brains that is responsible for language. There’s a far-away look in the eyes of a child who is reenvisioning their world – when asked to explain it, their spirit comes back from that creative place and the child frequently seems dissappointed to find themselves back ‘here’ in the land of reality once more.

Theo is still asleep. Reason number three-thousand to love homeschooling. The boys sleep until their bodies are rested. Allowing are bodies to set their own rhythm, instead of living by a clock, is, I believe, healthier. Theo is showing himself to be prone to being a night owl. His room is now arranged so that he can play and explore and build until he feels ready to sleep. This has eliminated tension at bedtime. If he chooses when to go to bed, he’s listening to his body and is ready to sleep. When we choose when he should go to bed, his body isn’t ready (or maybe his mind and body are not ready) and there is a fight to get him to settle. So he sleeps when his body says to sleep and he awakens when he is refreshed.

Whingari is exploring. She and Nic are both ‘morning people.’ They wake up in the early morning ready to take on the day. Chris is a morning person too. Me, if left to my own devices, I’d be a night owl. But living with Chris and Nic for these many years, and now Whingari, I’ve learned to be ready to hit my day with a cup of coffee and a few minutes to myself.

Today is a quiet day, I think. No plans, no errands.

I want to work on making some manipulatives for Theo and Whingari, utilizing ideas in a book about using Montessori at home.

I love quiet days. I love the days when friends come to play and commune. A balance of some of each type each week seems to suit our family’s needs well…