Weather has turned warm again. Last week we almost needed to turn on the furnace at night, yesterday, we needed the air conditioner for a while to make it liveable in the house again.

But warm weather is great for creek stomping, which we have planned for today. We’ll meet friends there, for a birthday creek stomp, playing with our friend who’s 3rd bday it is. So we’re in for hours (if I remember the mosquito spray) of dam building and creek diverting and shell finding. bliss.

Yesterday the boys played almost endlessly with the phone cable. They made grappling hooks and tried to make a zip-line from the play structure to the fence, using the dog’s tug-o-war toy. It didn’t work, but it was awesome to watch the problem solving skills at work.

Friends came over and played/communed with us for a while. We had lunch together (YUM!) and enjoyed the lovely day.

Nic fell out of one of the pines and got the wind knocked out of him. Although scary, and a little painful, it was certainly a physics experience…gravity, force; and biology, pain & recovery…

We’re now unofficially cable-free — t’will be official whenever the cable guy shows up — but I disconnected cable from the tv last night. The tv hasn’t been on much in the 1 1/2 weeks since we took out living room tv-free.

Aside from having more time to learn & create & explore, I’m enjoying marketing and advertising being less prominent in our home. Even PBS has gotten too far into promo shots and brand-promoting. I realize that they have to pay their bills too, but I don’t like those things peddled to our children.

Now, we can still get all the networks, and PBS, and a weather check station with just an antennae on the small tv in our kitchen. We’re not cut off from the world — especially with the high-speed cable modem.

There’s a psychic-quietness about our home now. Even when the tv was off before, it was there, like a neglected family member, begging for pity & attention.

When I was a child the tv was ALWAYS on in our house. It was like some electronic-drug droning on & robbing everyone of the ability to interact with each other. Now that the tv has been dethroned and mostly turned off, it’s not bothering me with it’s inactivity.

I’ve broken cycles of neglect, abuse, inattention from my family of origin to this, my family of choice. This feels monumental, like breaking another dysfunctional cycle. Glad to be here.