Yesterday we had 23 children at our home. Some were babies, most were older. All were wonderful.

I love seeing children of various ages interacting. Some, like my own Nic, are very aware of the babies and toddlers around them, and will stop playing to help a wee one find mama. The babies love all the activity. The in-betweens (walking toddlers and preschoolers) seem to love watching the activity and joining in. They seem to enjoy and benefit from watching the older kids interact and being invited to play too.

This is such an awesome thing about homeschooling. Nic spends time with children of different ages and abilities. Theo gets to see his big brother in a different light and decide whether to play with him, or make new partnerships. Whingari gets to watch it all go by.

Nic is beginning to see himself as an individual all on his own — not just as a member of our family group. He’s seeing how people interact with him, what they like, what they comment on. They have an impact on his self-view that helps him be more self aware.

We mamas get to watch our children interact with others, children and adult, and get to know a different part of their personality…that other that strikes out into the world with increasing degrees of confidence.

My heart and soul are benefited by these interactions and by watching my own children flourish ‘in community.’

Today will be more quiet, but we will take with us the awesome interactions and community time from yesterday — and we are all deeper people because of it.