I love October! I enjoy the cooling temperatures and the coming of beautiful fall leaves.

I love that the sun goes down a bit earlier. It is very difficult to feel like going to sleep when it’s still bright outside in the summer. I remember how unfair that seemed as a child, and it still seems wrong.

I also love that once school starts again (which it did long ago, it seems) the parks and museums and stores are just about empty. It makes it so much more pleasant to go through our days. When we go to the library, it is calm and peaceful, for example.

Today is a quiet, breezy day. The boys are expected to orchestrate & navigate their day with much independence. Yes, they do squabble at times — they are with each other almost constantly. But they seem to find their way.

Sometimes hanging out together at home is restful, today, it just seems sad.

Tomorrow we’ll again be blessed with and grateful for friends.

Today, we rest and remember that too much activity does not give you time to just be.