Over the weekend we decided, quite on a lark, to leave the metro area for a while.

We ended up not where we intended, but at a place we’d never been. Always good for getting new stimuli and shaking off the ‘btdt bad attitude’ that we can all fall into.

While at a small children’s museum, I had a chance to have a long discussion with another mama about homeschooling.

I never intend to talk to strangers about our educational choices. It just comes up. There is the ubiquituous questions: ‘What grade are you in?’ or ‘Where do you go to school?’ It seems much like being asked by EVERYONE when you are due, when you are obviously pregnant. It seems more of a conversation starter than an actual need to know these details.

There was a time when Nic was so sick of these questions he’d just sigh and look at me to rescue him from such ignorance. I talked with him many, many times about being kind and patient. Even if he has heard the questions hundreds of times, he has to remember that this person doesn’t know the answer.

So, over the years he’s come to a place within himself where he just states, ‘I homeschool’ without hesitation or impatience; or ‘Third grade & I homeschool’ kindly and respectfullly.

But, I digress. In this case, the mama was only speaking to me. As we sat watching our children play (her one, my three) she was just genuinely interested in our choices. She was quite impressed with the way all of my children were exploring the room and sharing the space with one another and with her son.

Turns out she’s been considering homeschooling her 4.5 yo son for a while. Always seems to happen that way. We encounter people for whom that’s an interest and they ask questions and seem to enjoy learning about our choice.

I’ll probably never encounter either of them again, as they live far enough away to be outside our circle of frequent travel. But I hope that we were able to give a positive, yet realistic, view of what homeschooling might look like, at least for our family.