‘Beaver-boy’ — there are beaver lodges in the welands…

There’s Chris…or at least his back…

Um, Nic… 🙂

Tree — I really like this shot…

There’s Nic, in the red shirt, collecting seeds.


Friday Chris and Nic participated in a homeschool-group field trip to EcoLab. This is a wetlands area maintained and studied by Marian College: http://wetland.marian.edu/

This is a new thing for us and Chris is always wanting to have opportunities to be a part of the boys’ homeschooling adventures. So, yeah, he is more than welcome to go to mosquito-infested swamps with Nic — leaving myself, Theo and Whingari at home, mosquito free. 🙂
Doing these types of activities is really important for us, as parents, I think. We are rarely among homeschooled children Nic’s age & older. It’s good for all of us to see that the eager-engagement that we think of with Nic, is pretty common among other homeschooling children. I think he felt very much at-home with this group.