Papa’s playing with their baby…nothing is more awesome than an attached papa!

Whingari, walking everywhere, makes an easy escape.
Last week was quite full for us. Homeschooling co-op, friends over, trip to the children’s museum, trip to the libray (twice). Beautiful fall weather to enjoy!
I’m trying to work with Nic on finding a balance between screentime and the rest of his life. I really want him to have the freedom to pick and choose when, how & what he learns. But, I also think that one of the most important lessons he can learn — and take with him into adulthood — is how to read one’s own body for signals (not just hunger, but also boredom, overstimulation, more physical time, more rest time…) and seek balance for one’s whole being. Sitting staring at a screen all day simply neglects the body’s other needs.
So we’ve been having lots of discussions about finding balance and respecting the needs of one’s body and spirit. As a result, Nic has requested that I help him monitor how much screentime he has each day. It’s really, really cool that this was his request.
He’s told me that he feels compelled to play on the computer, but that he knows that when he spends ‘too much’ time there, he’s not creating his own amazing stuff. He finally realized the other day that his own creations are so much more amazing than anything he sees on a screen.
So his solution to this conundrum is that he wants to ‘earn’ computer time by doing things that feed his body and/or mind’s needs first. So, some days he offers to do housework or take care of the dog — both physical; some days he decides to read first — feeding his mind.
All week we did this. All week he abided by his own rules and sought the balance that he actually seems to understand now.
So, he’s working on balance, internal balance, in a much more regular and constructive way than I could possibly impose. And now, instead of being a warden, I am his partner. He’s asked me to help him achieve self-chosen goals. Bliss.