Currently reading this book. It has been a great read and something that I’ve sorely needed to help collect the various thoughts percolating in me.
It would be easy to say that the theme of the book is, “kids need to be outside more,” but it is far more complex and encompassing than that.
Although deeply committed to unschooling and facilitating my children exploring in the way that resonates with them, I know that we’ll all be better served by being more nature-oriented.
As fall deepens there aren’t as many opportunities to laze about the backyard like there were 2 months ago…but we’ll still see what we can do.
One of the most telling things about this book is the idea that this generation of children knows EVERYTHING about the natural world — but hasn’t experienced much of it first-hand. Instead this knowledge has come via books and videos and The Discovery Channel. Knowing is important — primary, instead of secondary, knowledge is better.
I’m not gonna write up a curriculum. But I am more and more focused on our homeschool having at it’s core an environmental-experiential awareness.
Much thinking to do.