…when surrounded by good people.

I am absolutely surrounded and enriched by the dearest souls I’ve ever known. And they’ve each given me gifts.

From Chris: utter, unquestioning, unhesitating, complete belief in me.

From Nic: infectious laughter; unquenchable desire to be only himself; proof that children (people) will learn completely & totally and on their own schedule when loved. trusted & unthwarted.

From Theo: mischief, mirth, animated eyebrows, great hugs, funny, funny, funny movements, giggles & catch-phrases.

From Whingari: total & complete devotion…and the most beautiful, soul-ful and soul-filled eyes ever bestowed on a living creature.

From Anna: unquestioning friendship; unparalleled mama-support & acceptance.

From Pam: such love, compassion, gifts-of-service and self; and total lack of judgementalism.

From Jaymi: free-spirited love & acceptance; the gift of passion and honesty and enthusiasim; love without barriers or pre-conceived limitations.

From the children: love of life, zest, honesty, a gazzillion hugs and loads of kisses.

If I didn’t mention you, please know that this is not meant to be an exhaustive list…just the beginning of many such posts-of-gratitude.