Here’s Whingari modeling my newest diaper design.

(Maybe not Whingari’s most flattering angle 🙂 but it shows of the diaper well.)

I made two like this one, to try out some design ideas. I’m having her wear these and wash them several times to see if I’m happy with them.

Overall, I think they are the best I’ve ever tried, much less, used. They are super trim-fitting. That picture shows that they don’t hang down her thighs like most other cloth dipes do. (Don’t you just want to squeeze those fat folds…)

It was made with flannel up against her skin, a sewn-in soaker made from microfiber towels, and then a 1mil PUL cover. I used lastin at the legs and the PUL back, and touch tape to close. I also left it open at the back, so that it’s an All-in-one and a Pocket dipe all at the same time. Just about heaven for me…

Here’s more pix: