I’ve wondered for a time now, since we dismissed tv from it’s perch, what I’d do when the next sick day came around.

For full disclosure I’d have to admit, there’s still a tv in the bedroom, hooked up to a DVD player and via antennae it gets 3 or 4 channels on a good day. And there’s the computer where I am typing, which also has a DVD player.

But this is the first puking & puny go round since cancelling cable and moving all the tvs out of the living areas.

And it’s been grand. I got Theo (the puker) set up here at the computer to play Spy Fox and watch Larry Boy, whatever his spirit requested. It was perfect for him because he didn’t need to exert any energy he just didn’t have anyway.

Nic had the run of the house; building, drawing, making collages in the kitchen, watching various NOVA and Nature DVDs borrowed from the library, reading about the universe (his current interest.)

And Whingari and I were wooed into a long, lazy nap together….soon joined by Theo. As Theo curled up behind my legs, and Whingari stayed curled up at my breast…we were a drowsy, happy threesome.

So, now Theo and Whingari are off playing and giggling together. Someone is bouncing on Nic. No one is puking.

We’re getting through it just fine and very, very happy for not having to watch a plethora of distorted marketing messages targeting children.

Started reading The Assault on Reason, by Al Gore. I can tell just from the introduction that this is the book for me….