Today I’m off to find a really cheap photo printer. Though this week of sickness has put me behind schedule (schedule…LOL…that’s funny!), I hope to get started on the grandparent presents today. And that requires lots and lots of photos.

Next year, hopefully, there will be time to make something tactile and luscious. This year, I’m running out of time.

I deeply, deeply wish to continue a tradition we started years ago. It’s a tradition of making something for each of the grandparents for christmas. Two years ago we got little artificial trees, about 2-3 feet tall with a faux root-ball, and put tiny ornaments on them. We gave one to each of the three sets of grandparents. I hope they truly enjoy them for the care put into selecting and placing each ornament. The boys, especially Nic, were quite serious about it all. Of course we delivered the trees along with a big plate of homemade christmas sugar cookies. I think they might not have noticed the trees at all for several days — what with cookie eating and insulin shock and all of that. 🙂

Last year, well, Whingari was born on the 12th of December. I didn’t feel much like making anything in the month before christmas. So, well, they all got a granddaughter for christmas — but she’s staying at our house for the duration. 🙂

This year I want the boys to help make photo books — sort of like scrapbooks, but amateurish. I can’t allow myself to go into the full-fledged scrapbooking universe. I know me, I might never come back out.

So, I need a photo printer. And I need to get the books. And the boys and I can get started. I want each of the boys to completely design and decorate pages. I will do some, Chris can do some, if he likes. And for each grandparent there will be a completely unique look at our life over the past 12 months. Maybe we’ll do one of these each year. Although this past year will be hard to top. Whingari…from birth to first birthday. What a year.

I intend to have the books start with her birth, and end with her 1st birthday pix. But it won’t be a book of Whingari. It will be a book of our whole family, projects, friends, fun, snow…everything.

The grandparents might not love it as much as I will. But I hope they’ll like and appreciate it for what it is.

Off to shop.