The children and I have schlepped around the northern part of the city today.

I took them to an electronics superstore that’s a bit of a drive from our part of the city. Wee baby girl really needed a nap, so it made sense.

Said electronic’s superstore (I hesitate to name the place, but Nic calls it ‘French Frys’) was a horrible place to be. They had at least a dozen ‘geeks’ (no snarkiness implied here, apparently they like being identified as geeks these days, as in Geek Squad…) in the computer department and none of them thought it would be worth their time to help me. Ok, so I had 3 children with me, so no appreciable disposable income… šŸ™‚ It’s still their job to help. One guy finally came to help, but got pulled away, obstensibly because a childless customer beckoned…

So, I find an acceptable printer (not the one I wanted, but good enough) with a sign saying that it was the right price range. And go to the cash register. Nope, rings up as $20 more than the sign.

Cashier calls the computer department. Geek in question apparently queried, “is it the lady with 3 children and no appreciable disposable income?” and then said, “nope, it’s not the price that the sign said.”

End of story.

No amount of me saying, “well, that’s misleading,” did any good.

So I politely (there were the three children who are gobbling up my disposable income there) told the manager that customer service in the computer department was horribly lacking and that I didn’t feel like falling for the ‘bait and switch’ method of increasing sales numbers. And we left.

Nic wanted to know what happened and why I was annoyed and why we didn’t buy anything. So as I drove away I talked to him about my own personal work ethic, which is to do the best I can at the job at hand.

As I drove I decided that the only way to recover some sanity to my day was to get the ingredients needed to make christmas cookies. šŸ™‚

So, off we went to Meijer. Cookie ingredients in cart, off to the electronics department.

There, among all the stuff cluttering the shelves — THE printer I had wanted all along. And for the same price as the wrong one at the french fry place.

French Frys – 0
Universe — about a million

blessings as you schlepp and try to find your way in a world with wee ones in tow…