Tuesday I started wondering if unschooling was going to work with Nic.

He’s gifted. Deeply, incredibly, gifted and he has the mind of an engineer. He’s blind to anything other than his building obsessions. He wants to be a robots engineer (or an astrophysist) now.

I started worrying whether or not he could acquire all the knowledge that he needs to follow this dream.

I started thinking about algebra and calculus and quantum mechanics (2 of which I can help him learn….wanna guess which one isn’t in my repertoire?)

And along the way I forgot that he’s 8 and that unschooling isn’t about fear it’s about trust.

Do I trust children to learn or not?

Do I trust myself to follow their need or not?

So, here we are, experiencing our first ‘normal’ day in almost two weeks. No one is sick. The birthday festivities of yesterday are over. No one is visiting. The boys are in their jammies (Whingari is completely naked, but that’s irrelevant, she’s often naked…)

And Theo has painted and built vehicles with legos.

And Nic has spent hours (not kidding, like 4 hours) building a new Mindstorms robot. Once the batteries are charged, he’ll be off on programming the beast.

So Theo already is an artist. And Nic already is a robots engineer. Algebra can come along some other day…whenever it seems necessary….and today, we have no need of figuring out a + b = c.