Everyone went to the library last night.

All my children love it there. Nic is off to the children’s section to find his weekly treasures; Theo wanders around with me asking for ‘captain underpants’ books again and again; and Whingari squeals with delight at all the stuff to pull off shelves. (Yes, we put them back instead of leaving the mess for the librarians or other patrons.)

When we got to the checkout desk, the librarian, seeing the massive quantity of materials we were taking, asked, “getting ready for the bad weather this weekend?” I smiled and said, “um, not really, we do this every week.” “Homeschoolers?” she inquired. “Yep,” I answered, and we shared a knowing smile.

So we have books about Copernicus — Recently Nic learned the words geocentric and heliocentric in his study of astronomy. He wanted to know more about Copernicus…this nutty guy who bucked the establishment with this heretical idea. I haven’t yet told him what happened to heretics back then…let the books do it.

We also got two about Gallileo — heretics again 🙂

Several other books about the sky, space stations, how astronomers do their job, etc.

Nic got several books about robot making. Have I mentioned that he’s interested in that? He spent about 7 hours yesterday working on Mindstorm designs.

I found two books about book making — with step-by-step, kid-friendly illustrations.

Oh, and two books about map making. I love the word cartography — don’t know why.

And a ton of learning DVDs about space and weather and building.

Oh what a trip.

Unschooling is about passion…mine and theirs.

Life is about passion.

Time to go live.