Much snow came down over the last 24 hours. We did our running around yesterday in anticipation. We’re full-up on food and supplies. So we get to just hang out at the house today and (hopefully) enjoy one another’s company.

Nic’s already doing programming on the Mindstorm creation that he and Chris built together last night. Theo’s still asleep (my only NOT morning person – child). Whingari is busily eating her drive-by breakfast and taking apart the house.

Yesterday I got to see some of my best friends again, after the 2 weeks of stomach bug sent us into quarantine. Oh how I’ve missed each of them and their individualized-grand-spirits.

The quiet of the last 2 weeks has been nice — and necessary. But community is both nice and greatly necessary. So, this week, we work at trying to find the balance of those to requisites — quiet family time and friend time.

We are all greatly benefited by the influence of our friends. We are also stretched in good ways to accommodate people in our space and sharing our stuff. Community is good. It pulls us outside of our daily parameters. But family-foundational stuff makes that possible.

So, we will work on finding the balance that works for us…slowly and with great love for our friends who are sharing the path…