The one’s I see as I travel the blogasphere whilst nursing Whingari.

The one’s that seem to have it all figured out and seem to integrate everything beautifully and peacefully.

The one’s that decorate their homes with lovely, homespun crafts.

The one’s that always seem to have their laundry put away (at least in the photos I see).

And then I remind myself:

1 — I am not them.

2 — They are not ‘them.’

All I see of these other mama’s lives (for the most part) is what they blog and what pictures they post. Do I post pictures of Whingari’s messy-poopy diapers? Do I post pictures of the loads of clean laundry I haven’t had time to put away? Do I describe, in great detail, how many times I lost my cool in a given day?

Nope to all.

When we visit other blogs, we are innocently voyeuristic. When we post to our own blog, we are sharing but a small sliver of ourselves, our days.

So as I travel this blogasphere, I have to remind myself, that I am the mama these children have called into being. That I am the person that I am meant to be — flaws and all.

And I have to remember — illogical as it seems — that to someone else, standing on the outside of this crazy-wonderful life of mine, that I might seem like ‘one of those mama’s.’

peace to you as you triumphantly find YOUR way today…