This is Whingari…determined to feed herself oatmeal (with frozen blueberries mixed in) and a yo-baby yogurt. There’s a spoon in there somewhere, but she abandoned it for fingers early-on.
She’s actually getting quite good at using small spoons. But not today.
The push for independent action starts so early. At birth, one could argue.
Whingari is, in many, many ways, so independent. She walks everywhere — has for 2 months now. Feeds herself. Helps to get herself dressed. Chooses some of her clothes — including which sweater/coat she simply will NOT wear at all. Takes her socks off. Chooses where to lay down for a diaper change. And, most simply, wants to make her own choices.
So, she’s primed for an unschooling lifestyle.
For me, unschooling is about choices — and passion. And Whingari is passionate about making her own choices.
Remind me that these are all good things when Whingari is 4.