No pictures to post.

No projects to discuss.

No problems to muse.

I don’t live to blog. I don’t choose things to do each day because it will ‘look good on the blog.’ (Don’t laugh, I’ve read some blogs where the author bemuses having fallen into this ‘trap.’)

But blogging does give a certain structure to my days. Instead of choosing what to do each day, so that I can blog….I think back on each day and decide what to capture in my blog. This gives me time to reflect on what we are doing…and sometimes why.

So, have we been doing nothing?

Yesterday we met a friend for play at a playplace. It was GREAT for the children to get out of the house. Cabin-fever is hard to battle this time of year. The children aren’t at ages, yet, to want to curl up with a good book on a cold day…they still want to play. So, maybe we’ll make this a weekly outing for the winter…

Then we ran an errand or two, including grocery shopping.

Then we came home, put away groceries and enjoyed the quiet.

Nic and Theo have been playing ‘Spy Fox’ computer games together. It’s nice to see them working more as a team; instead of one player and one observer — guess who’s who…

Whingari continued to explore. She spent her afternoon figuring out what receptacles were and were not big enough for her to sit in. She used tools from her play kitchen to make various noises. And, she pulled as much as she could out of the kitchen cabinets…again.

This morning, again, is quiet.

Soon I will make some lunch. Then we will run another errand or two.

I like the days when we have no plans to go anywhere best. As soon as I have one place to ‘be’ at a particular time, I am pulled into the world of ‘hurry up’ and ‘come on, guys.’

I prefer the natural fluidity of a day that just unfolds itself with no real effort from us at all.

But, life is not always so.

So, it’s time to make lunch and tell the wee one’s to eat so that we can go.