Whingari discovered that the legos (duplo size) fit together. Here she is reveling in her newfound skill.

I’ve not had to teach Whingari anything…model, yes. Show, sure. But not teach. She observes, she considers, she absolutely watches and tries to mimic. But I didn’t teach her to sit up or crawl or walk or laugh or run away giggling to the tickle Whinnie game.
I didn’t teach the names of the alphabet letters to Theo. But he knows them. He also knows a TON of words, as he is a natural sight-reader.
I didn’t teach Nic to read — though not from lack of trying.
In all these cases, the elements for learning (modeling, support, access to appropriate materials) were present. Respect for learning is omnipresent.
When they were ready, for any learning, any skill, they learned.
happy holidays and blessings to you all,