Here’s the part I love. Home with the children all day on christmas.

Nic tried to sneak to the living room to peek under the tree at about 3am-unsuccessfully I might add.

This year was one step towards scaling-down our christmas observances. Fewer packages, but plenty of books. A couple of ‘worthy’ toys for each of them. Worthy meaning things that we believe they will play/interact with for more than a month.

Whingari modeling a new outfit from Grammie Ollie:

Whingari enjoying her new set of wooden blocks with wagon:

Nic exploring his new soldering kit. Yep, real soldering iron and everything. A step towards learning more about electronics…

Chris and Theo building a recycling truck out of legos. Theo LOVES garbage trucks and recycling trucks…

Theo with the recycling truck. It’s his new best friend…he had to take it to bed with him.

Happy Holidays to all. Christmas part 3 coming in a few days…