That’s what’s bugging me.

That’s why our holiday celebrations don’t reverberate. I feel hypocritical.

I always said that I would not lie to my children about santa and the holidays. But I do allow them to believe things by omission. And that feels hypocritical to me.

I live my beliefs by homeschooling and eschewing other mainstream tenets.

I don’t live my beliefs when it comes to this holiday.

I am not a religious person nor do I want my children to be indoctrinated into any one religion. I wish for them to learn about all religions within historical/cultural contexts and then make their own spiritual decisions as they become ready for them.

So then christmas is only about presents. If it were all about homemade presents, gifts from the heart, or gifts of service, that would be fine.

But it’s mostly about consumption. And that does not square with my belief system.

My religion, were I to have one, would be Gaia-ism. Respect for mama earth.

So, my challenge, and I see this as a part of our unschooling journey as much as academics, is how to capture, retain and celebrate magic, without going through the motions of someone else’s belief system.

How do we create a life that self-resonates?

Obviously children need to see us living authentic lives in order to understand that path for themselves.

So, I have a year to dethrone santa and popular culture and begin cobbling together our family traditions that will feel good and right and ‘us.’