Technically and officially we aren’t ‘doing school’ right now. Because of this unschooling way of life, we don’t have school days and off days. We just live each day and observe and cultivate all learning moments within.

And yet, I felt it important to just say that we are taking a break.

But yesterday was another example of learning through living.

Nic spent hours counting money. He has a basket of vast quantities of nickels. They were a birth gift from my FIL. A toy bank filled with nickels (Nicholas = nickels…)

He experimented with different ways of counting — by twos, by fives, with hash marks, in piles of ten and twenty. And since it was his project, not once did he whine about it.

So, how much does he have? I dunno. He didn’t finish, yet. But he was deeply engaged and engrossed and that’s the thing…