Grandma Connie came a few days after christmas this year.

The boys are each wearing warm, comfy clothes that she gave them. My children enjoy getting clothes, btw, so that’s cool.

Grandma did very well. She respected the ‘no batteries’ request (well, one toy had batteries, but that’s pretty good), she chose wooden toys for Whingari, she bought building-oriented toys for both boys (legos, tool kit), and she kept if fairly ‘low key.’ Unlike past years, they were not drowning in gifts.

Oh, and she started her own college funds for each of them. We were encouraging this, as we articulated to her (and grandpa John) that the children simply didn’t ‘need’ more toys. Plus, the 529 plans she started for each of them allows her some benefits at tax time. Good for everyone!

I appreciate my in-laws so very much. They usually don’t quite get what we are about. Our parenting is strange to them; homeschooling is just ‘odd.’ (Unschooling would completely rock their reality, so we don’t even try to explain what we *do*.)

But they are very accepting. They love these grandchildren. And I think they assume that we love our children enough to make conscientious and loving decisions that benefit them now, and in the future. THAT is the greatest gift that anyone can give — non-judgemental love and acceptance.

ps — the pix are a bit dark…but you get the basic idea… 😉