I was musing yesterday, through an entirely fluid process of journaling, about what to call IT if I don’t like ‘homeschooling’ or even ‘unschooling.’

Neither of them feel right to me.

First, there’s that word: school

We don’t *do* school, and I don’t like that it’s our reference point.

Un-school is like anti-school. We’re not necessarily anti-school. We don’t demonstrate or picket next door at the elementary school. I’m not passionate about abolishing school, or even compulsory attendence. Those are the images that come to mind when I think of ‘unschool.’

Homeschool comes with it’s own baggage. For one thing, there’s that school word again. And besides that, we, like all others in our category, do not just learn at ‘home.’

I’ve heard family schooling. Like the family, dislike the schooling.

Family learning? Well, that’s better, but the children don’t just learn from family…there are friends, librarians, documentary producers…etc. So, the parents are, what, principals…ack! school reference again!

I’ve used ‘delight driven learning’ in the past, and it’s more accurate, but too ephemeral to use regularly.

I’ve called our adventure The Curiosity Academy. Academy is, I find, a fun word to say…but it’s just another word for school.

But as I was journaling last night, it came to me. I’ll *live* with this for a while and see if it continues to resonate. For now, it works for all my parameters.

What we engage in is:

Organic Learning