Yesterday as the children and I went on our long, nature walk, I heard thunder in the distance and saw the clouds gathering.

By nightfall, we could see lightening far, far away, off to the north.

Today it’s raining. Even though the rain can frequently make us grumble because of changed plans and ruined picnics, I love the sound of it. And today, in early January, I can actually hear it because I have every window and door in the house open.

Hestia is happy. I have ‘her’ candle burning up on a high shelf — and its soft vanilla scent wafts around lazily. And I have the windows open to capture some cool, fresh air. The soft sounds of the rain through leaves and on concrete is captivating.

And it makes me all the more glad we were outside yesterday.

This morning Theo has been building creations on the computer and playing a Spy Fox game. Even though they are not that interesting to me, he loves them. And I have to admit, I like that he’s actively developing critical thinking skills. Oh, and all this on-screen creating has helped him to understand physical principles more. Once I download the pix, I’ll post great shots of a fulcrum/lever system that Theo created. Why? To rock a stuffed animal to sleep. πŸ™‚

Nic? When we went to the library over the weekend he requested a DVD about the revolutionary war. We found one, a PBS production, and he was watching that this morning. From a cursory glance at the back cover, I saw that this is the type of program that looks deeply at the causes of war and the social fabric of the time.

Nic’s cool in this way. He’ll ask for something like this and then watch it 5 or 6 times. After each viewing, he has more questions and seems to be more sophisticated in his thought processes. Of course, with this been a 3 hour program, he might not be able to digest it all now, but he can set his own pace and walk away when he needs to get a break and/or muse.

….and then he also chose a DVD about the War of 1812. He’s very, very interested to know why people would choose to go to war, when so many people die.

Big questions. As usual, we don’t give answers (because in cases like this, there is not one equivocal one anyway) but journey with him down the road of exploration.

Whingari, she is less and less a baby everyday. And if she sees anyone with a book, she gets one, sits with them and ‘reads’ to herself.