Whinnie and Theo are both feverish, and somewhat puny today. Started yesterday evening, or that’s when it was obvious. Whinnie had a really rough night of sleep the night before, and now I understand why. She seems to have a cold. Slight fever, runny nose, no patience for being away from mama…. Theo has a higher fever and is pretty listless. For those know Theo IRL (or any typical 4yo, I suppose) you know that listless is not common description for this exuberant, talkative, idea-prolific, boy. 🙂

At times like these I am deeply grateful for:

~ baby carriers – Whinnie will be in the ergo alot today, so that all needs can be met

~ being a full-time mama – when my children are sick, I am grateful that I don’t have to call cranky bosses and rearrange multiple schedules to cope. I respect those work-outta-the-home mamas who have to juggle all that I do AND a work reality.

~ my ‘finely-tuned’ mama self (need a LMAO icon here…) — what I mean is that I am tired, unbelievably tired, and yet, I can function. I am grateful that as a mama, we expect to have times like this and, for the most part, our bodies and spirits do not let us down. We can manage until a good sleep comes along — maybe not with a sunny disposition (need that icon again), but well enough.

~ computer games and learning DVDs from the library – as they are occupying my boys while Whinnie consumes my entire identity with her not-feeling-great-needing-all-of-mama essence today.

~ the internet, obviously!

~ good food & a welcoming home to support our bodies & spirits

blessing & good health to ye,