Like my friend Pam (mama acorn blog), my two wee-ist ones have been sick. Started late Monday. Sniffles, fever, coughing. It’s hard when more than one is sick, especially when it’s the baby. She already never lets me go 😉

I don’t like fevers that drag on this long.

I’m hoping we’re not looking at sinus infections or strep throat.

Probably gonna go see Dr. P — our awesome, family osteopath — today. Just to be sure. A bit of accupressure and other alternative adjustments is always good for the body — and a mama’s soul.


On a side note: DELIGHTED with the yummy, good, organic produce from the new produce co-op. Nic and I spent an hour or two yesterday cleaning and prepping all the great veggies, for quick and easy use. We baked the russet potatoes last night for dinner. Looking forward to making french onion soup over the weekend.

Organic produce, in January, in Indiana.