Whingari is very close to her usual, healthy self. The fever is gone, she’s sleeping better (not great, but better) and the sinus drainage is diminished. Most importantly, yesterday afternoon the ‘spark’ returned in her eyes.

That’s such a hard thing about watching your child being sick. It robs them, however temporarily, of their spirit. They just don’t seem to be all there.

So when that spark, that spunk, that quinessentially ‘them’ ness returns. It’s reason to celebrate.

Theo is better as well. He spent all day yesterday in bed. He’s 4 1/2 and he’s NEVER spent all day in bed. He was feverish and puny and coughing. He watched movies and dosed; alot.

It was a conflicted day for me. I wanted to be with Theo, giving him cuddles, giving him company. But Whingari was feeling better and needed to be on-the-move. Thankfully, Theo just wanted to watch movies and rest. Other than homeopathics and ice water, he wanted nothing more than a soft pillow.

And there’s where the title of this post comes in: educating mama.

For those who don’t know me IRL, I am a student of the homeopathic-arts. Before Whingari was conceived, I was researching my options for receiving a distance-education degree in homeopathy. Knowing that another child was on the way, in the very least, modified my timeline for this.

But that has not daunted my enthusiasm for this ‘alternative’ therapy, nor my believe that homeopathy offers something that western medicine often does not; healing. If the right remedy is chosen and utilized, real healing, not just symptomatic-relief, is possible. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve experienced it within my own body.

And, yet, these are my babies. There is very little I wouldn’t do to protect their health and well-being. So, even though I believe in homeopathic therapies, I do not always believe in my ability to choose the right remedy. And that little tiny nugget of doubt is all it takes.

We are fortunate to have a wonderful, osteopathic physician, who is homeopathic-friendly (doesn’t roll his eyes at the mention, or lecture about the placebo effect, or the mountains of ‘real medical research’ that has failed to find any validity…blah, blah, blah). He simply accepts homeopathy as another appropriate therapy, even if it is not his field of expertise.

He is an herbalist, with a long family history of herbalism. Herbs and homeopathics don’t co-exist effortlessly. So, we do a very friendly dance. What I mean to say is that herbal therapies (even herbal teas) can easily ‘antidote’ the healing action of homepathic remedies. So, when he recommends an herbal treatment or supplement, I can talk to him about the timing of giving homeopathics, so that the family member in question can benefit for both.

I digress, but isn’t it cool to know that such physicians exist here?

So, when I called the doc’s office to see if I should bring the wee ones in, I was not surprised that they took down the symptoms and called me back with a message from our beloved-osteopath. There is something going around here, viral, nothing to do but give tylenol, keep hydrated, and wait it out. I love docs that trust a parent to know when something is serious enough for an office visit…

Whingari will take tylenol, but with a fight. She will take the homeopathic pellets eagerly.

Theo won’t take anything except the homeopathic remedies. He calls them ‘good medicine’ and everything else is ‘yucky medicine.’

So, for 2 full days and nights Theo’s fever raged. I would imagine even up to about 105 F at night. And still, ice water, ice chips and homeopathy…that was all he would allow.

In my frantic Demeter state (you know, goddess of the earth in agriculture and such, mother of Persephone, kidnapped by Hades…stop me if you know this already…) I worry. I fear that something will take my child. I envision Theo in the hospital, fully-dehydrated, legs and wrists restrained so that he doesn’t pull out a hydrating IV, CPS investigators lecturing me about ‘what do you mean only homeopathic remedies? can’t you MAKE your child take the medicine???’

Ack, Demeter, I do not need your melodrama and fears of loss!

And then I step back. I remember that I am a homepath. I do not need credentials behind my name to know what I know. I can feel this child’s energy and it is not waning. This is not a crisis. This is a common, garden-variety, cold. Yes, he is miserable. Yes, he is feverish. Yes, he’s losing weight that he doesn’t have to loose anyway. No, he is not in danger.

So, I read, I mull, I put my hand on my child’s head, heart, stomach. I take a read from his body. I pray to the energy that sustains this universe for the wisdom to choose the remedy that this child, this spirit needs.

And then I do the hardest thing a mama can do; wait and trust.

This morning, with nothing more than homeopathics, ice, a bit of food, and his body’s own healing abilities, Theo is mostly on the road to recovery.

I talked to him about it this morning. I told him that I was proud of his strong, healthy body and it’s ability to beat those ‘bad germs.’

And he said, “yeah, I knew I could do it.”

Lesson learned.