Whingari is almost back to her great state of good health. Just a little more nasal goo to clear up, and she’ll be fine. Pulsatilla and, especially, Kali-B are such great remedies for her.

Theo’s almost well. I got a combo cough remedy for him yesterday. I’ve used it before and keep coming back to it. Why? Because coughs can be caused by and treated by so many different things. This particular combo remedy tends to help regardless. So, off I went to get it.

Within 20 minutes of the first dose, Theo’s cough (which was starting to sound like that of a 3 pack-a-day smoker) began to quiet. This morning, it’s almost, almost gone.

So, we’re all doing better.

I notice, also, that my poll about setting appropriate boundaries has closed. Pretty interesting that there was a 50/50 split between Pretty Good and Eh, so so.

Are we not establishing and fortifying boundaries out of a fear that they will become barriers? Do we wish to not block ourselves off from others entirely, and thus don’t work to understand our own needs and limitations?

I know this, no matter how eagerly and passionately engaged in life I am, I still need to have time for quiet and solitude. That’s my boundary. I need others to respect my request for some ‘down time,’ so that I can be replenished and invigorated.

Yeah, Whingari, in her resplendent 13 month-old self, is likely to understand and comply.


Demeter and Hestia are my twin archetypal goddesses (as a Gemini, I feel completely at ease claiming two!) At times like this, I understand why. They have to work together to help me find time and space for each of my highest priorities: my family; my inner solitude (manifested by the intentional and meditative care of home, as well as personal meditation time.)

As such, here are the daily exhortations one is likely to hear in my home:

Hestia, help me calm
Demeter, give me strength

peace to you and your inner goddesses,