On the day that Whingari turned 13 months-old, suddenly, and without warning, she discovered that baths can be fun.

But for the 12+ months before that day, she HATED them. She hated being in the water, she hated hearing the water, she hated everything about it.

But over the last few months she’s started coming in the bathroom with us when we use the facilities. Each time she’s pulled herself up onto the stepstool in front of the sink and pointed and grunted until someone turns the tap on. Then she played in the trickle of water.

Apparently, this has changed her mind about water.

So, instead of getting 1 real bath (as opposed to sponge-baths at diaper change time) about every 2 weeks, she’s had 3 baths in the last 4 days. And she fully aware of what the word ‘bath’ means and woe to the person who utters it without intent to take her along.

Ok, what the heck does this have to do with homeschooling/unschooling/organic learning? Everything. First of all, this blog is about our family-life, because it is absolutely inseparable from the way we approach learning.

Second, there’s a lesson there. Do not force. In small, inexorable ways, children will become more open to things. If we follow their lead, they will tell us both what they are interested in, and what they are ready for. And at the moment that they tell us ‘it’s time,’ they will exhalt that it is their ‘thing’ and their choice.

Nic, essentially, did the same thing with reading.

Theo, essentially, did the same thing with consistent toilet-usage.

Now, if she’d just stop attempting to crawl under the desk to turn off the power to the computers…