Theo is one neat little dude.

He’s very quirky

He’s very silly.

He has this amazing, ‘plastic’ face that can make a million and one expressions.

And he’s been sight-reading for eons now.

But last night, he just wowed me. We were reading library books together. This one, called “Elf Night” we’d not even opened yet. And while I was reading, Theo started reading. At first I thought he was just mimicing what he heard me say.

But then, I asked him if he’d like to read the words first, instead of after me. And he did.

And I sat there with my mouth open. Thankfully, Chris was just across the room reading with Nic, so he got to be there at that moment of discovery.

Theo is more than sight-reading. He was working out unknown words phonetically. He was making the appropriate and expected mistakes when one is using phonetic rules with the very unruly English language.

He’s reading at about an early 1st grade level already…with no instruction, no stress, no flashcards, no ‘100 lessons,’ nuttin’ but living in this family. And he’s just 4.

Family lore has it that I taught myself to read at 4. But I always thought, ‘how?’ Now I see. It just happens.