Are you a morning person, or a nightowl?

I know these are broad generalities and, in truth, we are all complex mixes of influences. But, generally, would you prefer to be up with the dawn, drinking in the new day, or enjoying the quiet after the clan has gone to sleep?

I have always been more of a nightowl. In college I would hit my stride with studying and such at about 3 in the afternoon, and then stay up until about 1am working. I made sure to never have a class starting before 10am if I could, and it worked just fine.

Chris, he’s a morning person. He doesn’t just want to be up with the dawn, he wants to get up before it so that he can great the coming day. (OK, to be truthful, this does not apply to winter. In the winter he’d much prefer to tell the day to ‘go away’ and stay snuggled in the flannel sheets — but who can blame him!)

Nic is a morning person. As soon as he realizes anyone is up, he’s up. And he bounds into his day. No easing into it. No sitting on the couch letting his eyes focus. He’s just ready to take it on.

Theo has always been more of a nightowl, but lately I think he may be transitioning to being more of a morning person. This is good. Before it was becoming a challenge to get him to go to sleep before 10pm. The challenge was two-fold: 4 year olds cannot be quiet enough for a baby to get to sleep; he wants to be up playing with Nic first thing every morning.

Whingari, she’s always been a morning babe. Her body clock tends to start rousing her at about 6am. That means that she starts her morning nurse marathon about then. Usually I give in and get up and she nurses while I have coffee and check my email.

So, like Theo, I am becoming a morning person as an environmental outcome of my life.

It’s not like I’m gonna get any extra sleep when they are all ready to be up. So I am up.

And, almost unbelievably to me, I prefer it this way.

I like that I’m becoming more of a morning person. Morning is good. Morning is optimistic. Morning is faith that a new day always does begin again.

I’ve become a person who enjoys morning and solitude and homekeeping.

My college self would not even recognize me these days — but what did she know?


blessings to you whenever you choose to begin your day,