Three to two, morning people. Not a decisive majority. But at least no one voted that they were too depressed to get out of bed. 🙂

Nic’s devoted to the Clue Finder’s series again. He has flare-ups when he deeply needs to play these games again, and does so for a week or two, and then takes a break for a month or two.

The cyclical nature of his interest in this game has, over time, given me a window into his skill development.

Where once he couldn’t read anything and needed help with understanding the math and much of the reasoning, he can now do most of it by himself. He needs help, of course, from time to time, particularly with new areas. Each time he plays, he gets further into the game and encounters new activities. Today it was crossword puzzles. These are fairly new to him, and yet, he did well, with some involvement from whichever parent was available.

It’s deeply cold here in Indiana right now (deeply cold for Indiana, at least) and Papa Chris is on his way to Las Vegas on a business trip. So we will, of necessity, sanity, and preference, just be at home a lot over the next few days. We are fully stocked on books, learning games, learning DVDs, organic produce, clean laundry, and pet food. No need to venture out into the cold.

I look forward to some days of balance and quiet.