Theo is a natural reader. We’ve not prompted or coached him, ever, but he reads everything everywhere.

There’s a movie, with Billy Crystal — Chris will know which one — where Billy’s character is driving around with his 300-hundred-year-old father-in-law, (played by a very, very funny character actor). Everywhere they go, this ancient man is reading, in monotone, everything he sees.

Drop the monotone, and there you have Theo. Everywhere we go, he looks out his window and reads the signs. Sometimes he misreads, but he gets close enough that I can figure out which one he’s reading and help him out.

Yesterday, Theo wasn’t feeling great, but didn’t seem really sick, so we ventured out to run several errands. Only one of them required getting the children out of the van, so it seemed ok. We brought along a butter-bowl just in case Theo felt ill. And, yep, you guessed it, he started spitting up into it while I drove.

But that’s not the point, the point is, while he’s spitting up into the bowl, he’s trying, also, to read the words printed on the side. That’s where he is right now. He was so distracted by the need to read, he forgot he was puking.

Funny kid.

Later, once we got home and cleaned up, he was in bed and we started a movie that we borrowed from the library. And there he is, reading everything from the opening credits. And then he read the words ‘bigfoot museum’ on a sign during he movie.

Nic, being 4 years older and at this ‘reading thing’ a good bit longer, is still the more advanced reader. But his reading skill has come by practice and hard work. This probably will seem deeply unfair to him sometime in the future when he figures out how easy it is for Theo.

But, Nic has his own edge…in math. Nic is a born mathematician. He can do math in his head, pretty quickly and with about 90% accuracy, once he understands the principles.

Someday, Theo might figure that out and decide it’s unfair.

Funny kids.

Whingari? Who knows. She’s a dear soul who’s skills, talents and calling are still too hidden to guess at.

Funny kids, living in a deeply messy house with a deeply grateful mama…