I’ve spent a good many hours working on the process for ordering produce through our co-op. It is an exciting kind of task, that utilizes dormant skills.

Back before ‘mama’ became my job title, I would use computers all day long. Making spreadsheets, creating databases, cost accounting, emails…That was my work-life. And I was really good at it. I never met a software program I couldn’t master and bend to my will.

So, this has been good. It’s good to remember those skills. It’s even better to use those skills to help my own, and other, families.

So, if I’ve not been ‘around’ (here, there, boards, email) that’s why.

But, Whingari has been quite busy while mama is distracted. She just cut her first two molars this week. No wonder she’s been such an unhappy, sleep-disturbed, screech monkey lately.

She seems to be feeling better now, as they’ve broken through the gums.

If you have a teething one, or an older child with growing pains in the bones — just think Calcarea-Phosphorica — that stuff is worth it’s weight in gold. Seriously, make sure you have some in the house…it has saved many a day around here.

Off to make lunch — and have a salad of awesome, fresh, organic veggies from our co-op.